The number of your YouTube subscribers is not the only metric that matters, what that means is that if anyone wants to buy YouTube subscribers, it will do them more harm than good. Imagine having 10000 Subscribers but about 100 views on your videos!

When you grow an organic YouTube following you are building a loyal community that will be there to watch the videos you will upload in the future.

In this article, I went into details and shared some tips that will help you get views on Youtube, I know they work because my channel has a few million views. But what is more important is knowing how to convert viewers into subscribers.

How to turn viewers into subscribers

1. Add value

This is very important no matter what niche you chose for your youtube channel. Let’s say you as user click on a video that says ‘How to become a digital nomad’ and you start watching the video but the person keeps talking about random things or about none related life experiences, what would you do? right, click on the next video. and it’s the same, no matter the video you decide to make, try to give viewers value, TRUST me, they will come back for more!

2. Call to action

The simplest most effective way is to simply ask people to subscribe ( or remind them). But here is the trick, Do if after you do your quick channel introduction ( which I will cover next ) and at the very end of the video.

3. the first 9 seconds MATTER!

It takes the average viewer about 9 seconds to decide if they are going to keep watching your video or not. The best way that works for me for both of my channels is to start with a 10 seconds teaser.
For my Travel vlogs, I choose the best cinematic videos, and for my education channel I always start with a question :
How do you travel for free? / How do you Grow on YouTube...etc

4. Introduce yourself


This depends on the type of videos you will be making but this is the general rule, I introduce my self in 13 seconds, tell them what my channel is about and include my call to action ( 3 in one!), you can watch this video if you need an example.
Here’s how it goes ” Hi everyone, my name is Nour Brahimi, and on this channel, I post travel vlogs as well as tips videos, so it’s you’re new here, consider subscribing

5. Quality matters!

Starting off with what you have is great, it’s all about starting! BUT it’s very important to keep in mind that you will need to upgrade for a good microphone or decent video quality. Good image and sound quality mean this creator is taking YouTube seriously, and so it gives more credibility to the content you are sharing.

6. Script your videos

Scripting your videos helps you stay on track and avoid losing your thoughts as you are filming because, you might end up talking about non-related things, which will make your videos a little boring.

7. Engage with your audience

When you film a video make sure to implement one or two questions either in the middle of the video or at the end. The question needs to be related to what your video is about.

For example, let’s say you make a video about two cameras comparison, so at the end of the video you can ask ‘So what camera do you prefer?’

This will keep people engaging with your videoand commenting which will also help you get more views.

8. Reply to the comments


Most people think you should act like a famous person and not reply to the comments, and that i wrong. When you reply to your videos comments it makes your audience know you value them! But also they will get a notification and so when they open it they find them selves considering to subscribe if they are not already, and they might even check some old or new videos you posted.

9. Work you SEO

I went into details on how to get more views using YouTube SEO in this article, and that’s the most important part to get people to watch your video, and by adding the 8 previous tips I mentioned earlier you will be able to turn those views into subscribers