Getting views on YouTube can be as hard as getting your 1000 Youtube subscribers, especially when launching a new YouTube Channel! Trust me, I know because I have been there.

But Before I go on, I want to show you that it’s possible to get THOUSANDS of views and subscribers FAST with this demo of how I went from 0 Subscribers to 13 000 and 54000 views in 25 Days!

Youtube studio beta
1 May 2019 to 5 May 2019
Youtube studio beta
05 May 2019 to 31 May 2019

These statistics are from my second YouTube channel that I started after I understood the YouTube algorithm, and worked on my SEO ( don’t worry I will explain what this means later)

When I uploaded my first travel Vlog on Youtube back in 2017, I remember it got around 100 views, which mostly came from me refreshing to check the views count, and probably 20 of those views came from my friends and family. And as I kept posting more and more videos, it just wasn’t working!

So I will guide you through the mistakes I did with My first channel and the things I did right with my second channel, and how I got a million views on my video (FYI, I chose to speak in English and translate to Arabic because that was my target audience )

Youtube views


Working on your SEO will help you get views, but it will not necessarily mean you will get youtube subscribers. So one of the things you must consider is to learn how to convert viewers to subscribers. The truth is you have about 9 seconds to convince people to stay and watch your video, and if you don’t do the right things to catch their attention, they will end up leaving after a few seconds which will have a bad effect on your overall watch time and YouTube will stop recommending your video.


Youtube is a search engine, just like google! and working your SEO ( Search engine optimization ) is what enables you to appear in the search results for specific words or phrases. Here are two examples of how I rank on YouTube.

Stay around till the end of this post to learn some simple YouTube SEO tips.

The following screenshot shows that I rank #3 for the search term Free ways to travel

youtube views

The following screenshot shows I rank #1 Algerian street food

Youtube views


1. I thought my first video was amazing

The truth is my first Youtube video was terrible, and if I’m going, to be honest, yours will probably be one too! And it’s OKAY because it is only practicing that you will get better at editing your videos, and be more confident in from of the camera.
This was a mistake because I wasn’t putting some extra effort to learn ( like you are now ), So you are on the right path.
If you are about to start your YouTube channel, my advice would be to work on your content creation skills because, again, that will help you convert the views you get into youtube subscribers. I mean, who would want to subscribe to a creator with shaky videos, or boring long bad sound quality videos? ( I have been there!).

2. I was not consistant

The first year I remember I only upload about 6 Youtube videos! That is equivalent to one video every two months! Probably because I was deactivated when I wasn’t getting a few new subscribers every now and then. I also thought maybe travel videos will not work for me so I did some comedy videos! Which leads us to the next point.

3. I didn’t focus on one niche!

I went from Travel vlogs to comedy, to tips. People were lost and so was I!
Niching down will help people know what to expect the next time they come back to your channel. Creating related videos to that niche will also help get your videos featured in the suggestions section. Think about it, imagine one of your videos starts going viral, and people like it, they will want to click on similar content!

Youtube studio beta

I have at least four videos featured in the suggestions section of my Algerian street food video, and all of them have over 100K views! So this will help you drive back views again and again, and eventually get more youtube subscribers!

Tips to help you get 1000 subscribers:

Now, here are some tips to help you grow fast on youtube.

1. Niche down :

You will want to talk about different kinds of things but it will just not help you grow at all. Remember I told you my other channel grew SO FAST, and I got monetized within two months.
Try to choose one niche, mine was Travel vlogs and tips. The tips were either related to travel or to content creation which includes social media.

2. Be consistant

When I put a fixed schedule, I decided to post travel tips on Mondays and Travel vlogs on Thursday. People were coming back ( especially after that how to travel for free video that went viral!)
don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself; you can start by posting once a week ( which is the least recommended).

3. Give value!

I can’t empathize this enough! If you give value in your videos, people will want to come back to your channel for more. Whether you are making food videos, music, vlogs, or lifestyle videos, think about the added value you are providing, why should anyone subscribe to your channel?
If you answer this question, this will help you come up with your call to action, which will make your videos more interesting and engaging.

4. Work your YouTbe SEO

Youtube studio beta

If I’m gonna make this simple and easy, working on your YouTube SEO means ranking in the search for specific search terms. and There 5 main Elements to it which I will talk about in detail next, but these elements are: Title, Description, Tags, and Thumbnail. And that’s secret to getting youtube subscribers.


Youtube studio beta

Don’t panic, I will explain what this is.
I’m taking the example of my Algerian street food video, and what you see above are the tags I use for the video.

those blue numbers mean my video is ranking whenever you search for any of the highlighted terms: For example, I rank #1 if you search for food in Algeria. The reason is I’m using related tags for each video I post.

The reason you can see the tags for any youtube video is because I use a great chrome extension: Vid IQ and the free version is more than enough.

Youtube studio beta

Vid IQ is a great tool, once you install it you be able to see analytics on any video you watch on youtube. This comes in very handy especially if you want to track your competitor’s progress as well as yours. You can have an overall SEO score. Greet means your doing great, orange means you can do better and red means the performance is bad.

6. The title

vid iq

You may take this for granted, but as I said, your tags, title, and description are crucial to help you appear in the search results. Your title choice should be something people are searching for.
For example, instead of writing, “You can’t believe what I ate in Algeria,” you make “Algerian food” or “Algerian street food” your tittle.
Vid IQ lets you know if a particular term is highly searched for or not and even give you recommended topics.

vid iq

7. The description

Needless to say, try to describe your video by using some of the tags you chose in a coherent sentence. At the end of your description you can choose two to three hashtags that describe your video’s content the best

8. Design custom Thumbnails.

Algerian women

Video thumbnails are the first thing you see when doing a YouTube search, so it has to be really good!
Youtube studio has a great feature that tells you how many people are clicking when YouTube suggests your video. my average click-through rate is 5% which is more than great. If it’s lower than that, then I know I must change my thumbnail. The Youtube studio beta is by far the best thing on earth! which brings us to the next point.

nour brahimi

9. look at your ANALYTICS

Youtube studio beta

Honestly, there is so much information to take from the YouTube studio beta to help you grow, For example, I can know if I’m getting views from search results or from YouTube recommending my videos. The more people click on a video the more YouTube suggests it in the welcome page. With time I just understood what videos are more likely to go viral and which ones are not.

Youtube studio beta

As you can see here 86% of this video’s impressions ( the number of times people saw my thumbnail ) are just by Youtube recommending my video. And I know I worked my SEO so well for this to happen.

10. Invite people from other social media channels

Social Media channels such as Facebook and Instagram help you grow your YouTube subscribers count, which means You also need to grow your social media channel simultaneously.

Posting small teasers on a story, or IGTV videos will drive some trafic to your videos, espcially if you reach 10K on Instagram.

I will be sharing some Instagram growth tips soon as well.

If you apply these easy tips, You will be able grow your YouTube subscribers count fast.