Algeria is the largest country in Africa, but it’s also one of the least known countries on the continent! If you have no idea what to expect, don’t worry, I will cover it all.

Algeria’s Capital is Algiers, A genuinely beautiful city that has so much to offer! From Architecture to museums, street food, history, and nature!

Algiers Algeria
Algiers streets © @Midoubabaali

Things to know before visiting Algeria

Yes, Algeria is a safe country! My journey of traveling as a female tourist started in 2019 in Algerian cities, alone, with my camera, and took Public transport, and it felt super safe!

I covered everything you need to know before visiting Algeria in this article, where I talked about the currency, transportation, food, accommodation, language, and dress code. in addition, I made a videos playlist around Algerian cities, so make sure to check it out too.

What to do in Algiers?

1 / Botanical garden El-Hamma ( Jardin d’Essai )

Hamma garden © @Midoubabaali

Nature, Fountains, statues, and Instagram-worthy spots? This 32-hectare Garden definitely has it all, and is an excellent stop to refresh your soul with its 1200 different species of plant.
The construction of the park began in 1831, in the French and British style. It is accessible by the metro ( The entrance gate is next to the metro station ‘Jardin d’essai’ ).

2/ Museum of modern arts

Algeria museum
© @Midoubabaali

Right across the street from the Hamma botanical garden, you find the museum of modern arts! A must stop! Not only does it have statues from the 13th century, but also paintings that show Algeria’s culture, palaces, cities, and even modern paintings and art that will steal your heart. The museum is a 3-floor building, so the rooftop offers you a fantastic view on all of Algiers but especially on the botanical garden, a great blend of the Mediterranean sea, the greenery, and the white buildings. It also gives a beautiful view of the martyr’s monument.
The entrance fee is 200 Da ( 1 €). You also need to pay an extra 200 DA if you wish to take pictures.

3/ The martyr’s memorial ( Monument des martyres)

Algeria Martyr's memorial
© @Midoubabaali

Next to the museum of modern arts, take the cable car for only 20 DA ( 0.15 USD) to visit the martyr’s memorial, built in the memory of the Algerian fighters who died for the liberation of the country. It is fashioned in the shape of three standing palm leaves, which shelter the “Eternal Flame” beneath them. At the edge of each palm leaf stands a statue of a soldier, each representing a stage of Algeria’s struggle. in addition it offers a spectacular view on Algiers.

Algeria monuments

Algiers Downtown

Algeria street
© @Midoubabaali

Algiers is full of life, so take your time when walking in its streets to appreciate the little details and memorize them. In addition to that, make sure to try some street food and traditional food.

4/ La grande poste d’Alger/ Musée de la poste

La grande poste d'alger
© @Midoubabaali

After spending half a day in the spots I previously mentioned, It’s time to head to ‘Alger Centre‘ where you will get to taste the street food and enjoy a walk in Didouche Street. The architecture of the beautiful white buildings explains why we call ‘Alger la Blanche‘ or the white Algiers. As you finish your walk towards la grande Poste d’Alger, make sure to visit it’s museum ‘ le musé de la Poste,’ which has Algerian stamps and many exciting things to discover. The entrance to the museum is free.

Algiers museum

5/ MAMA Museum ( Musée d’Art Moderne )

Algeria museums
© @Midoubabaali

Get to know Algerian contemporary art in the MAMA Museum.
The Museum ensures the presence of international contemporary art through presentations of its permanent collection and temporary exhibitions of Algerian and international works.

6/ La casbah ( Kasbah of Algiers )

This UNESCO world heritage is a walled citadel. Its old buildings and streets tell incredible stories, so a visit here would be a great living history course. I would recommend The startup Nboujiw for guided tours around la Casbah, Algiers, or in other cities around Algeria.
Not only do they have beautiful concepts like “Qaadat zman” which is a literal time travel dinner to the past that you must experience, but they also have other experiences around Algerian cities.

Top  sights in the Casbah

7/ Ketchawa Mosque

Algiera travel
© @Midoubabaali

Under the Ottoman rule, Hassan Pacha built the Mosque in 1612. It was converted to a Cathedral during the French-rule and then converted into a mosque again in 1962. At the foot of la Casbah; The Mosque is one of the major tourist attractions in Algiers.

8/ Museums in la casbah

Here is a list of Museums in la Casbah :

  • Dar Aziza
  • Dar Mustapha Pacha
  • Bastion 23
  • National Museum of arts and traditions
Dar Aziza museum in Algiers

The casbah tour ends here. There are more museums in Algies such as Bardo Museum. Other things to see in Algiers? We have one more thing on the list.

9/ Notre dame d’Afrique Basilica

Notre dame d'Afrique
© @Midoubabaali

Last but not least, Notre dame d’Afrique is accessible by Taxi or bus. The view from up here is beautiful

Notre dame d'afrique
© @Midoubabaali


Many budget transportation options are available around Algiers, Metro rides cost 50 DA available every 10 minutes from 5:30 AM to 11:15 PM.

Trains cost from 20 DA to 80 Da, and streetcar 40 Da for a ride.
Taxis are also quite affordable, but I would suggest you download a ride service app ( equivalent to Uber ). Here is a list of apps I use: Yassir, temtem.
For the train schedule, please consult this website:

Where to eat in Algiers

The best part about visiting Algiers is the food part! You can find Street food or fast food shops a little bit everywhere, but I can give you few adresses where you can eat traditional food.

Roi de la Loubia ( king of beans )

Algerian food

One of the most known people restaurants in downtown Algiers, and also one of the busiest during lunchtime ( which is typically from 12 PM to 2 PM.) The restaurant is popular within all classes of society, poor, less poor, and even wealthy people. As its name indicates, it specializes in white beans tomato sauce, a dish to keep you warm during the cold days. They also serve sardines. Here is the restaurant’s map location.

Traditional lunch

Algerianl food
© @Nboujiw

You can book your traditional lunch in one of the beautiful Casbah houses with Nboujiw.

Where to stay

Algiers buildings
© @Midoubabaali

Budget option

Auberge familiale Kouba : for reservations 00213 792 77 19 86

Medium budget

You can find affordable Airbnb Appartements in the very heart of Algiers starting 27€

RadissonBlu Hotel

The Radisson Blu hotel is located 20 minutes by car from Algiers downtown. High-end design, suitable for business and leisure travel.
Rooms rates start from 92€/ Night